The 5 Stages of Missions



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Edited and republished 2021.

The 5 Stages of Missions describes the process of guiding an unreached people group from initial contact with Christian missionaries to full participation in the international work of missions. The stages include making converts, disciples, pastors, leaders and partners. This book presents valuable insights for missionary personnel, home office staff, national leaders and local churches that are sending missionaries or work-teams.

The 5 Stages of Missions is written by a field leader, drawing upon examples from across the continent of Africa. It wrestles with expansion into countries that are closed to the Gospel and proposes additional models, including Bridged and Unbridged Missions and Progressive Empowerment.

What begins as a strategy to exit an established mission field becomes a realization that the true future of missions lies in international partnerships, where each country contributes from their own unique strengths.

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