An Undivided Heart

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An Undivided Heart provides a systematic exploration of the holiness doctrine as taught in early Methodism. This easy-reading study pursues themes of repentance, justification and forgiveness, new birth, consecration, sanctification, perseverance and perfect love, concluding that holiness is both possible and essential in the 21st century.

Do you want your foundation for faith to go deeper? An Undivided Heart will simultaneously stretch and strengthen you. I have found it to be a “popularly” written (though rigorous) theology of holiness, strong on historical context and theological nuance and a valuable resource for those with an interest in a stronger intellectual foundation for their faith?

Revd Dr Wayne Schmidt

General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church of North America

An Undivided Heart, God’s Plan for His Children presents a clear and thought-provoking understanding of holiness doctrine. Questions like: “Are justification and new birth simultaneous?” “Is there a second event in the lives of Christians, a filling with the Holy Spirit subsequent to conversion?” “What happens to inbred sin within the convert and sanctified believer?” are clarified and clearly answered by the author. His explanations of the doctrinal essentials in our experience and an on-going life of holiness is biblically sound, theologically solid and intensely practical. Dr. Cameron simply defines holiness as loving God with a whole heart.

This book is a must-read and I highly recommend it for all believers and theological students whose desire is to love God with undivided heart, and to all Christian leaders, seminary and Bible College teachers, and local church pastors whose desire is to grow in their understanding of how God works in our salvation and in our relationship with Him as we grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

Revd Dr Johnny R. Guillermo

General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church of the Philippines, Inc.

An Undivided Heart covers a wide range of issues relevant to the new believer and the mature Christian. Teachers and students alike should find the historical, theological and practical insights to be of immense educational value. With respect to the historical, a wholesome description of the context in which Pietism and Evangelicalism emerged and developed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is advanced. The author also skillfully deals with some of the practical and theological issues which have confronted Christians in the Wesleyan tradition over the years. In some instances, he brings an ‘outside of the box’ perspective to bear on these issues. One such issue has to do with the drinking of alcohol by Christians. Similarly, there is an interesting submission in relation to the concomitants in the salvation process. The suggestions that justification and the new birth do not necessarily occur at the same time, as well as the idea of Christians turning to Christ in faith but not being born again, are quite provocative, and should therefore stimulate much discussion among the clergy and laity alike.

This instructive and informative tool is a prime resource which is highly recommended reading for all Christians, persons of other faiths, the unchurched and even those who are not part of any religious persuasion. It also provides meaningful guidelines for those persons who need clarity on some of the niggling issues that confront them as they act out their faith on a daily basis. Essentially, ‘An Undivided Heart’ reflects the passion of the author with respect to holiness—one of the distinctives of the Wesleyan tradition.

Revd Dr Joel Cumberbatch

General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Holiness Church in the Caribbean

An Undivided Heart helps individuals to identify their spiritual struggles and creates the desire for a deeper transforming relationship with the living God. It gives biblical answers to heart quest and provides ways on how to overcome daily spiritual struggles. It is simple to read, relevant to any culture and demonstrates the biblical truth that sets individuals free to serve the living God with a sincere heart full of the Holy Spirit.

Reading your book has stirred my heart to think seriously about helping leaders to experience a changed heart. My prayer is that every copy of this book will lead individuals to overcome spiritual struggles and experience the fullness of God.

Revd Julius Galela

Regional Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church of Southern Africa.

The preaching on holiness in most pulpits of the Wesleyan Church in Africa, and Zambia in particular, is not heard as much as it should.  And yet, the revival of Scriptural holiness was what gave birth to the Wesleyan Church.  There is a great need to help pastors to experience and teach holiness in our time.  Lindsay Cameron has authentically written on the subject of holiness in the book An Undivided Heart. Having served as a Church leader in Africa and in his homeland, Australia, Lindsay Cameron’s passion for God’s people to have undivided hearts is extremely relevant and challenging. The book helps us appreciate the historical aspect of those who have gone before us and an encouragement that we too can experience what they experienced.  This is so because there is never an end to spiritual growth in Christ because He is infinite.  Therefore, we must go deeper and deeper in surrendering to God until we do not see ourselves any longer but Him in us.  This will not happen automatically, but one has to intentionally take the step of seeking the deeper experience.  I am personally looking forward to the publication of this book for my personal growth and I believe it will be a blessing for the Church in Africa.

Revd Dr Alfred Kalembo

Bishop – Pilgrim Wesleyan Church in Zambia, Former President of the Council of Churches in Zambia

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