Nellie’s Child



The Mark of the Spirit Trilogy – Book 1

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Anne is a strong-willed young woman with a problem – two problems actually: Her mother and the ‘Brothers’. Anne’s mother isn’t like any other mother. She’s steeped in outdated traditions imposed by the cult she’s caught up in and religious to the point that Anne feels trapped and hardly able to breath. The Brothers control everything. What she wears, who she spends time with and what her future looks like. Anne decides that escape is the only option before she suffocates under the legalism the Brothers impose on her.

Enter Doug Ryan, the handsome, smooth-talking son of one of the most influential families in the sect. Doug has his own demons to contend with, living under the tyranny of a father who is more like a dictator than a defender, yet when he lays eyes on Anne he finds his courage and vows to do anything it takes to be with her. For both families, the price of love is high. But is it too costly?

What will Anne decide is more important; her love for Doug or her desire to be free? Can Doug reach the height of the bar set for him? And what will be the fallout for them both?

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